September 11, 2019 - Automotive

Designing Automotive Interiors for Ridesharing

With the ridesharing market attracting about 127 million passengers each month, it’s important for carmakers to ensure their automotive interiors are optimized for passengers’ ridesharing needs.

Sufficient Space

While ridesharing is often a convenient means of travel, it can pose an issue if passengers are traveling with a lot of luggage or boxes. Ensure rideshare automotive interiors offer sufficient storage space to hold their belongings. Modular, foldable seats that can easily accommodate added items will be key to attracting passengers as well.

Built-In Car Seats

Families with young children may want to travel via ridesharing but be dissuaded given the car seat limitations. Vehicle interiors that offer adaptable infant car seats or built-in child booster seats will help make ridesharing accessible for the whole family.

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Cabin Connectivity

Ridesharing can also be an attractive option for coworkers commuting together. To satisfy their demands, vehicle interiors that provide the following amenities will be appealing:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Charging stations
  • Independent lighting

Air Cleanliness

Rideshare passengers want to be sure that the vehicles they’re sharing with countless others are safe and germ-free. Automotive interiors that dispense sanitizing scents through vents or germ-killing lighting will appeal to this preference.

Forgotten Belongings

With passengers getting in and out of rideshares at a rapid pace, it increases the likelihood of forgotten belongings. Vehicle interiors that alert them when something is still in the vehicle as they exit it will help increase their peace of mind.

As engineers look to design vehicle interiors that address these preferences, it’s important to consider the role adhesives play in assembly processes and end-use product performance. To ensure your interiors are manufactured with adhesives that further address passenger preferences, contact a Bostik expert today.

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