Packaging Assembly: 3 Process Must-Haves

As packaging manufacturers look to produce more packages faster without increasing production costs, it’s important for both their equipment and adhesives to make that a reality. Gain insight into three packaging assembly process must-haves to ensure your manufacturing process is up to par.

Flexibility in Packaging Assembly Process

Manufacturers are shifting away from mass package production to mass customization and smaller package sizes. This is resulting in more changeovers, which typically means added downtime. Therefore, equipment that handles changeovers quickly while accommodating many packaging sizes and styles is essential to their production success.

Adhesives are also able to make this a reality. For example, by offering wide processing windows and broad temperature ranges, one adhesive formulation can be used across packaging lines. Additionally, by being applied directly over existing adhesives, downtime to purge equipment during a changeover is reduced. This flexibility reduces manufacturing complexity and streamlines the packaging process.

packaging assembly production

Speed in Packaging Assembly Process

Additionally, package manufacturers look to increase line speeds to more easily meet high output demands. In order to do this, they want equipment that offers fast production line speeds.

Adhesives that possess fast set speeds also help keep production lines moving. This is because manufacturers no longer have to wait for the adhesive to cure before proceeding with package assembly.

Sustainability in Packaging Assembly Process

Further, manufacturers want packaging equipment that enables them to reduce energy usage and material waste.

Adhesives play an important role in allowing manufacturers to meet these sustainability goals. For example, they can offer clean cut off and intermittent coating to reduce material use. By consolidating SKU volumes, they can also decrease plant warehouse footprint needs.

For more information on how to ensure your manufacturing processes have equipment and adhesives that are up to par to meet these must-haves, contact a Bostik expert today.

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