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3 Factors to Consider for Consumer Packaging Design

As consumers purchase more packaged goods, they look for ones that resonate with what they care about. Find out what those items are and they influence packaging design.


Consumer lifestyles have shifted, becoming more “on-the-go” than in the past. As a result, people care about products that are easy to use, convenient and do not impact their ability to multitask. To address this preference, packaging is being designed to offer:

  • Single serve
  • Resealable
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Dosage control


Today’s consumers care about the environment and their impact on it. This means doing their part to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint. To reflect these values, packaging offers:

  • Materials made out of recycled content
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes


Even though the modern world has become more connected and fast paced, people still crave and appreciate reminders of a simpler time. To address this, packaging uses:

  • Matte finish packaging that resembles paper bag material
  • Authentic packaging designs

Additionally, people care about the comfort that safety brings. To this end, packaging offers:

  • Tamper-evidence designs

Adhesives play an important role in enabling packaging companies to embrace what consumers care about. For help selecting the right one for your needs, contact us today.

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