August 6, 2015 - Aerospace Automotive

Polyamide Adhesives: Another Tool in the Adhesive Toolbox

By Brad Stockel

In spite of being only four letters long, glue is often not as simple as it might seem. The polymer base of an adhesive formula has a significant impact on the performance. Bostik -an Arkema company focused on adhesives and sealant solutions- offers a variety of adhesive chemistries to serve customers in many markets for both general and specialized applications. Dimer acid polyamide hot melt adhesives are one potential solution that Bostik has been providing for over 30 years

Bostik’s dimer acid polyamide products are homopolymer adhesives offered in pellet form; the chemistry of the polyamides offered by Bostik have improved specific adhesion for strong bonds – compared to other adhesive chemistries – and are suitable for bonding a range of substrates. In addition to their increased temperature resistance, Bostik’s dimer acid polyamide adhesives have good resistance to chemicals and plasticizers, as well as grease and oil. These properties make polyamides a popular choice for applications where a robust bond is required.

Polyamide Applications

Polyamide adhesives find use in various applications.

The dimer acid polyamide products in Bostik’s Industrial Adhesive portfolio span a range of performance levels, from all-purpose to high-performance. Based on the criteria important for your application, our technical specialists can help identify which Bostik product would be best for your application.


Many adhesive options can accomplish the same goal of forming the bond to hold your product together. Finding the right solution to balance strength, flexibility, and performance takes some experience. Contact Bostik to see if dimer acid polyamide hot melt adhesives are the SMART solution for you.

We are also happy to remind our customers that Arkema’s Specialty Polyamides business unit is a substantial provider of high performance thermoplastic copolyamide hot melt adhesives, which are unique from the dimer acid polyamide adhesives offered by Bostik. Arkema’s copolyamide adhesives are sold broadly under the Platamid® tradename and are tailored to deliver durable, versatile and solvent-free bonding.

Platamid® hot melt adhesives are well-designed to address the demanding bonding challenges of various markets: textile interlining, technical textiles, construction materials, electronic and automotive components. For more information, please visit www.platamid.com.

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