Polyolefin Adhesives: Characteristics, Comparisons and Replacements

With applications in a range of markets including filtration, general assembly and mattresses, polyolefin adhesives are efficient, fast, safe and high-performing.

Let’s take a closer look at:

  • Polyolefin adhesive characteristics
  • How they compare to certain other hot melt adhesives
  • Why they are being used to replace existing adhesives in certain applications

Polyolefin Adhesive Characteristics

Polyolefin adhesives are:

  • Generally non-tacky
  • Lower cost
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • Creep resistant

In addition, polyolefins can come in various viscosities.polyolefin adhesives

Polyolefin Adhesives vs. Other Hot Melts

Polyolefin adhesives offer several advantages over styrenic block copolymer (SBC) pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) when used in similar applications. Compared to SBC PSAs, polyolefins are:

  • Non-tacky
  • Creep resistant
  • Equivalent to lower cost
  • Improving cost situation
  • Bonds better to non-polar substrates

When compared to ethylene-vinyl acetates (EVAs), polyolefins offer:

  • Higher heat resistance
  • Higher viscosity
  • Higher bond strength

Replacing Certain Adhesives with Polyolefins

As discussed in a past blog post, polyolefins are being used to replace polyamides in certain applications that do not require solvent resistance. Advantages to replacing polyamides with polyolefins include:

  • Great supply security
  • Improved recyclability
  • Lower application temperature
  • Longer pot life

This replacement is being made in automotive, filter, woodworking and window applications in particular.

Polyolefins are also replacing polyurethanes in certain applications that do not require extreme temperature resistance. Advantages to replacing polyurethanes with polyolefins include:

  • No shelf life issue
  • No regulatory issues
  • Lower equipment cost

This replacement is being made in general assembly, automotive and flat panel lamination applications in particular.

Bostik offers several quality polyolefin adhesive products for a range of applications. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on our specific products.

For more information on our polyolefin adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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