November 3, 2016 - Tape & Label

Pressure Sensitive Tape Market Dynamics and Product Segment Growth

The U.S. demand for pressure sensitive tapes is increasing across numerous applications. Let’s take a closer look at this market’s dynamics and product segments seeing the most growth:

Market Dynamics: How the U.S. Economy has Impacted its Pressure Sensitive Tape Market

The improving economy has boosted the pressure sensitive tape demand in the following ways:

  1. It has triggered the development of new, specialty pressure sensitive tapes for innovative applications. Replacing traditional fastening systems, these tapes tend to be more value-added and higher performing. They are being used in medical, food and beverage and electronic applications in particular.
  1. Construction activity will continue to accelerate as the economy improves. Various types of tapes are used in construction applications due to their strength, durability and weather resistance. This means a rise in pressure sensitive double-coated, high temperature and masking tapes are expected as building projects grow.
  1. Tapes are seeing an increased demand in industrial assembly applications as product manufacturing rises. This is due in large part to their inherent benefits over traditional metal fasteners.

PSA tape market

Market Growth: Product Segments

Industrial double-sided pressure sensitive tapes are one of the product segments expected to see the most growth during this time period. They offer versatility and are used in automotive, aerospace and construction markets. Additionally, double-sided tapes can be either thick or thin bonding systems, which offers various benefits depending upon the needed application.

Specific types of double-sided tapes include:

  • Double-sided film tapes: excellent for laminating
  • Double-sided transfer tapes: often used in graphic design and displayed
  • Double-sided foam tapes: ideal for filling gaps to make a tighter seal
  • Double-sided rubber tapes: suitable for insulation

Industrial masking tapes are also anticipated to see increased demand. This is due in large part to construction activity, as masking tapes are used for architectural coatings in residential and commercial building markets.

Masking tapes provide adhesion to a range of substrates including metals, plastics, vinyls and rubbers. Additionally, their ease-of-use boosts productivity and efficiency levels.

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