November 16, 2018 - Automotive

3 Reasons You Need High Green Strength for Better Automotive Assembly

As automotive OEMs and tier suppliers look to address fuel efficiency needs, adhesives offer them a way to meet these demands while also improving car designs and durability overall. Yet a lightweight, uniform bonding solution is not the only value adhesives bring to the automotive assembly line. Find out three reasons why adhesives with high green strength can improve your processes for many automotive applications.

#1: Stronger Bonding

Adhesives that possess high green strength are able to form a permanent, structural bond between two automotive parts. This capability aids in adhesives’ ability to replace mechanical fasteners in automotive assembly. With these adhesives, vehicle parts are able to be strongly connected without any points of weakness, unlike mechanical fasteners. This aids in stronger, more durable cars overall.

Additionally, adhesives enhance a vehicle’s long-term performance capabilities over mechanical fasteners. Unlike mechanical fasteners, adhesives don’t rust. They also decrease the likelihood of water and snow penetration, making for a stronger, longer lasting bond and vehicle.

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#2: Faster Assembly

High green strength adhesives also aid in faster automotive assembly process. This is due to their ability to form a bond quickly. No time is needed to wait for the product to cure before moving on to the next assembly step. As a result, automotive adhesives with high green strength help reduce overall production time and complexity.

#3 Better Design Flexibility  

Adhesives with high green strength also offer enhanced design flexibility for automotive engineers over mechanical fasteners. This is because they are able to bond lightweight materials together, such as composites, without impacting structural integrity.

Unlike mechanical fasteners, they also enable more unique part design opportunities and don’t require extra space to be hidden from consumers’ view. This helps improve cars’ overall aesthetics and boost consumer appeal.

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