Recognizing Our Manufacturing Team Members Today and Every Day

At Bostik, we feel that manufacturers are an essential part of why businesses and communities thrive. That’s why together with our parent company, Arkema, we want to recognize our manufacturing team members during Manufacturing Week and every day.  

“Manufacturing Week allows us all to pause and celebrate the successes we have achieved together as a team,” said Paul Loach, Bostik’s Industrial Director for Consumer and Construction global business units. 

In particular, they work tirelessly through supply chain restraints, weather-related events and more to ensure our customers around the world have the high-performance bonding sealing and coating solutions they need to provide consumers with reliable end-use products. It’s this dedication and commitment that enable us to be the best company we can be to our customers. 

How Our Manufacturing Team Enables Us to Be the Best We Can Be 

With manufacturing facilities across 55 countries worldwide, a significant portion of our 20,000+ team members are in manufacturing roles. Our manufacturers operate 147 production units, enabling us to be a world-class leader in adhesive, coating and sealant solutions for construction and consumer, durable goods, advanced packaging and non-woven markets.  

Through their various roles and responsibilities, our manufacturing team members come together on a daily basis to ensure they are evaluating the best methods to produce high-quality products while also operating as efficiently and safely as possible. This involves: 

  • Aligning on any challenges and how they can solve them to achieve company objectives together and meet customer needs 
  • Encouraging everyone to be a leader by supporting, training and empowering one another to ensure a successful, positive working environment 
  • Putting safety at the forefront to ensure everyone can do their jobs confidently by participating in our Safety Essentials Program, completing structured observation processes and conducting near miss reports daily

They also ensure we “close the loop” in the circular economy by producing more sustainable goods and services, reducing our consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy. In doing so, we are able to manufacture solutions that help our customers decrease their carbon footprint, too.  

Chris Glover, Sr. VP of NA Group Manufacturing

“Our manufacturing employees are the backbone of our business,” Sr. VP of NA Group Manufacturing Chris Glover said. “Their unwavering dedication to our company makes us a great place to work.”  We thank our manufacturing employees for the dedication and talent they bring to our business.  

At Bostik, we encourage those who are interested in growing their manufacturing skills and expertise to consider being part of our teams across the United States. You’ll join a diverse group committed to innovation and sustainable contributions. Learn about careers at Bostik today. 

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