February 20, 2018 - General Transportation

Recreational Boat Market Trends

As the economy continues to improve, given growing disposable incomes and rising consumer spending, the National Marine Manufacturers Association predicts an ongoing surge in recreational boating sales. Take a look at certain trends helping to fuel this market’s growth.


Traditionally, recreational boats have been manufactured differently to serve different purposes, from fishing to cruising to watersports. Now, however, recreational boats are becoming more versatile, providing an all-in-one option that is attracting broader and even younger audiences.

Fuel Efficiency

As fuel efficiency gains prominence in consumer purchasing designs, boat manufacturers are taking note. By designing recreational boats with lightweight hulls, they are able to appeal to consumer preferences for reduced carbon emissions and decreased fuel costs.


Another trend in recreational boating includes digital connectivity. For example, digital, touchscreen control systems connect all systems in the boat, from the stereo to the engine, offerin

  • Improved ease of use
  • Enhance reliability
  • View customizations

In addition to digital control systems, other new connectivity devices allow boat owners to monitor their boats from smartphones. An increasingly important trend, this level of connectivity enables owners to:

  • Receive alerts if the boat is unmoored from the marina
  • Adjust controls remotely
  • Be notified of any onboard issues, such as power outages or high water in the bilge

As the recreational boating industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to consider the adhesives and sealants used in manufacturing. Bostik supplies smart solutions for a range of recreational boat applications, saving manufacturers time and money while improving boat aesthetics overall. For more information, visit www.bostik.com.

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