March 10, 2019 - Flexible Packaging

How Can Resealable Cheese Packaging Address Your Sustainable Manufacturing Goals?

As cheese demands rise, converters and packers look to keep environmental impact to a minimum yet output high. Find out how resealable packaging is the answer.

Reduced Food Waste

Resealable packaging helps reduce food waste. It protects cheese from exposure to air, moisture and other contaminants that can cause it to go bad and be discarded. By having an extended shelf life, it is able to maintain its freshness for longer, both in the store and at home.

resealable cheese packaging

Reduced Material Waste

Additionally, resealable cheese packaging reduces overall package material waste. Eliminating the need for secondary packaging and disposal, consumers see increased convenience as well.

Furthermore, less material is used in manufacturing resealable cheese packaging. This helps plant facilities lower reduce their carbon footprint as well.

Reduced Transportation and Storage Costs

As a lightweight option, resealable cheese packaging reduces costs and carbon emissions associated with transporting and storing the products.

Smart Resealable Cheese Packaging Adhesives

Bostik manufactures smart resealable adhesives that enable cheese packaging to address sustainability. Ideal for cheese packaging, these adhesives, or M-Resins, can be used on most existing thermoforming packaging machines, which saves manufacturers time and money. Streamlining operational efficiencies, Bostik’s M-Resins also come in several formulations to meet specific end-use application needs.

For more information on how M-Resins are ideal for resealable cheese packaging, check out this video.

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