April 27, 2020 - Building & Construction

How to Address Residential and Commercial Window Trends

As key trends shape both the residential and commercial window markets, it can be difficult for manufacturers to address window trends while meeting performance levels and production needs. Fortunately, the right modified silicone backbedding solution can help make it easy. Find out how.

Residential Window Trends

In the residential window market, consumers increasingly prefer big windows with even bigger views. In addition to improving aesthetics, this large window trend can reduce energy costs by increasing a home’s natural light ability.

However, addressing this preference for floor-to-ceiling windows that have non-obstructive frames can be challenging for window manufacturing. This is because large window units typically weigh several hundred pounds. Finding a product that can support the weight needed to bond heavy glass to minimal frames is difficult.

  • Tip to Bond to Large Glass Windows to Frames

To ensure your window bonding solution can support the weight of large windows, consider a modified silicone backbedding product that:

  1. Offers extremely high green strength
  2. Possesses ideal combination of structural strength and flexibility

By using this type of backbedding product, you will be able to obtain needed performance levels without sacrificing aesthetics or limiting design options.

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Commercial Window Trends

In the commercial window market, replacing thermally broken windows with energy efficient options is a leading window market trend. Traditionally, aluminum frames have been used for storefront windows. However, these frames allow the outside air to go right through the window and into the building.

Manufacturers are addressing this trend by inserting a non-aluminum material into the window to act as a spacer, preventing the external air from going inside. However, many of these window replacements need to be assembled in the field, which can prove challenging.

  • Tip to Address Window Assembly Field Challenges

To improve your ability to assemble commercial windows in the field, consider using a modified silicone adhesive that offers:

  • Excellent cleanability
  • Fast green strength
  • Superior ease of use

By ensuring the proper adhesive is chosen, window assembly in the field can be fast and efficient.

Contact a Bostik expert today for more information on innovative modified silicone adhesives that can help you address both residential and commercial window trends. You can also check out this relevant content:

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