May 15, 2019 - Building & Construction

Residential Roofing Trends That Impact OEM Success

As the residential roofing industry rises, expected to reach $19.9 billion in 2021, it’s important for OEMs to address key trends shaping the market. Find out what these trends are and how to ensure your manufacturing processes keep up for continued success.

Trend #1: Storm-Resistant Roofing Materials

With severe weather events hitting homes across the U.S., many homes with older roofs are susceptible to significant damage. To avoid problems and maintain home insurance coverage, more homeowners are looking to replace their current roofs with more storm-resistant materials.

For OEMs, this means manufacturing products that can withstand:

  • Extreme wind conditions
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Prolonged exposure to moisture

 Trend #2: Cool Roofing Materials

Additionally, homeowners are increasingly concerned with conserving energy. As roofs play a significant role in determining a home’s energy efficiency level, many homeowners are considering cool roofing materials.

For OEMs, this means manufacturing products that:

  • Deflect solar radiation by reflecting sunshine off the roof
  • Increase the home’s energy efficiency levels
residential roofing

Trend #3: Easy-to-Install Materials

As more homeowners opt for new roofs, it can be difficult to meet the high demand. To address this issue, installers look for products that are easy to use and quick to assembly.

For OEMs, this means manufacturing products that:

  • Have self-adhesive, peel and stick backings
  • Are easily applied using sprayers
  • Are a complete, compatible residential roofing installation system

Addressing these residential roofing trends can help propel your manufacturing forward. Additionally, using the right adhesives in your product manufacturing can further aid in your ability to do so while:

  • Improving roof durability and aesthetics
  • Reducing overall cost in use

For more information on what adhesives can help your residential roofing manufacturing, contact a Bostik expert today. You can also view this relevant content:

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