April 15, 2016 - Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging Market Growth

The rigid packaging market has a range of applications including food and beverage and cosmetics and toiletries. According to Transparency Market Research, this market has seen steady growth in its various applications over the past few years.

Let’s take a closer look at the causes for growth in the food and beverage applications in particular:

Eating Habit Changes

IFT cites the dramatic changes in lifestyle, eating patterns and demographics of today’s modern society have caused a shift in types of food and beverage habits. As the traditional family mealtime has shifted to individual meals, on-the-go snacking and kid-specific meals, packaged foods have grown in popularity.

Increased Health and Safety Consciousness

People are also becoming more health and safety conscious, opting for packaged foods and beverages that keep them fit and healthy, such as pre-packaged salads and individual shakes. They are also opting for more processed food, such as meat and fish that prevent microbial and bacterial spoilage.

International Trade

Increasing international trade has led to a surge investment in quality, safe packaging. Rigid packaging keeps products safe for a longer period of time. Additionally, it offers unique properties such a stiffness, high impact strength and higher barrier properties.

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Adhesive Products for Rigid Packaging Market 

As growth for rigid packaging rises in the food and beverage industry, adhesives that can withstand the demands of this market become increasingly needed as well.

HMY-1505: Bostik’s HMY-1505 is a versatile general purpose case and carton seal adhesive that offers optimum production flexibility. It provides clean machining and very good thermal stability for optimal manufacturing efficiency. HMY-1505 also offers an excellent balance of heat and cold resistance for a wide range of shipping conditions.

Thermogrip® H1238: Bostik’s Thermogrip H1238 is a freezer grade packaging hot melt adhesive. With high hot tack, this rigid packaging product offers superior adhesion to uncoated and some coated stocks. H1238 also balances open time and set speed to provide optimal performance in freezer applications including blast freezers.

These products may be suitable for use in contact with food. Please contact our Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs department for further information.”

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