September 21, 2021 - Rigid Packaging Tape & Label

The Shift to Online Grocery Shopping, What it Means for Adhesives

According to CNBC, U.S. consumers could spend upwards of $100 billion in online grocery orders by 2025. With online grocery shopping presumably here to stay, take a look at this trend and what it means for the adhesives market.

Consumer Lifestyle Changes

Millennial shoppers are leading the shift in online grocery shopping due to their high levels of digital engagement and desire for convenience. With an on-the-go lifestyle and mindset, many of these consumers look for ways to save time and streamline their to-do lists. Recognizing this lifestyle change and adapting to consumer needs, certain grocery stores have implemented home delivery or “click-and-collect” services.

Grocery Retail Store Changes

Yet while online grocery shopping gains popularity, it’s unlikely that traditional retail stores will go away. Instead, these stores will reconfigure their approach on how to best serve the digital shopper.

For example, many consumers now check their smartphones for coupons and discounts before deciding where to shop and what to buy. Stores that tap into the digital world as well as create a shopping experience are likely to succeed in this changing environment.

Furthermore, while the number of U.S. households that are getting their groceries digitally has risen significantly in recent years, it’s predicted that not all types of groceries will be popular through this medium in the foreseeable future.

online grocery shopping

For example, the FMI-Nielsen report suggests that canned goods, condiments, spices and other similar grocery items are likely to see rapid growth with online grocery delivery. Fresh produce and meats, on the other hand, are likely to grow in demand more slowly, with consumers still shopping at traditional grocery stores for these items.

Online Grocery Shopping’s Impact on Adhesives

As more food items are shipped directly to consumers’ doorsteps, adhesives will play an important role in ensuring proper deliverability. In particular, these adhesives must be able to withstand:

  • Harsh shipping conditions,
  • Temperature extremes
  • Rough handling

If they are unable to, packages may get destroyed, and labels may fall off. This means that products may never arrive to consumers as a result.

Additionally, depending upon the types of groceries being shipped, adhesives will need to bond to a range of new materials and substrates. This increases the need for high performance as well as adaptability in formulations.

Bostik manufactures packaging and label adhesives that more than meet shipping requirements. They also serve to improve operational efficiencies and enhance overall brand aesthetics. To learn more about how our adhesives are ideal for grocery food delivery, contact us today.

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