January 11, 2017 - Assembly

Smart Adhesives for Bookbinding

According to IBISWorld, the printing services market is a $4 billion industry comprised of several components, including bookbinding.

Bookbinding is an important part in a book’s design process, as it ensures product durability and functionality. Take a closer look at the importance of adhesives in bookbinding.

How Adhesives are Used in the Bookbinding Process

As more durable adhesives have been developed, bookbinding companies have started using what is called the perfect binding process. This process uses only adhesive to attach both the pages together and the book’s cover.

Additionally, in this process, the book’s spine is roughened to allow for the adhesive to penetrate the surface. The adhesive is then coated, permanently binding the leaves with the cover.

Qualities Bookbinding Adhesives Must Possess

As cited in ASI Magazine, books are one of the most demanding adhesive applications. Adhesives used to assemble bookbindings must:

  • Withstand long-term storage conditions and repetitive stress
  • Be able to be applied in low-cost, high-speed processes

Additionally, adhesives for the perfect binding process must adhere to a variety of paper types and substrates, including those used on:

  • Paperbacks
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Thick and thin hardbound books

bookbinding adhesives

Bookbinding adhesives must also possess:

  • Ideal open time
  • Low melt viscosity
  • Toughness without stiffness
  • Fatigue resistance

Additionally, the bookbinding adhesives must be able to maintain these properties at elevated temperatures for extended periods of time.

Smart Adhesives for Bookbinding

Hot melt adhesives are a desirable choice for bookbinding application demands due to their ability to meet high line speeds at relatively low cost and minimal waste. Additionally, hot melt adhesives offer the strength and flexibility as well as other needed qualities for bookbinding’s demanding application requirements.

Bostik manufactures specific smart adhesives for bookbinding applications like side gluing and spine gluing in particular. For more information on our products, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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