May 18, 2018 - Aerospace

A Smart ATO-Free Aircraft Interior Adhesive Solution

Antimony trioxide (ATO) is commonly used flame retardant synergist in a variety of aerospace materials, including adhesives. Yet while ATO is designed to aid in preventing flame ignition and propogation, it can yield increased toxicity levels, posing a health risk for workers and harming the environment. Because of this, many aircraft manufacturers are turning away from ATO-containing materials and looking for safer flame retardant options.

Take a look at how Bostik’s aircraft interior adhesives address this industry shift, formulating ATO-free solutions that aid in sustainability and global compliance.

A Smart ATO-Free Film Adhesive Solution

Bostik offers a smart flame retardant, ATO-free film solution ideally used as the following:

  • Mounting adhesive for decorative laminates
  • Attachment adhesive for flooring or other general assembly applications.
  • Formulated with alternative flame retardant additives, this formula offers good balance of adhesion with flame/smoke/toxicity (FST) performance

When formulating with flame retardant additives, the overall solution’s adhesion level is reduced. To ensure sufficient adhesion is met while maintaining needed FST performance levels, it is necessary to find an efficient blend of flame retardants. This ATO-free film solution also offers the following:

  • Availability in a range of widths and thicknesses

As a film adhesive, this product can be manufactured in a range of widths, from 10-60 inches. Additionally, Bostik can vary its thickness to be from 2-4 mil. In the film form, manufacturers benefit from the flexibility and ease of use of the adhesive, and the range of thickness enables a balance of bond strength and adhesion to achieve both performance and lightweighting targets.

  • Shelf life stability

Bostik’s ATO-free film adhesive is able to maintain a longer shelf life than other adhesive technologies, like liquid adhesives. This feature especially aids in its ability to be shipped to Europe where ATO-free products are gaining popularity.

Additionally, as a film adhesive, is not susceptible to crosslinking during shipping and storage, which is the case with liquid solutions. This further enhances its stability and extends performance capability levels.

What Bostik’s ATO-Free Aircraft Interior Adhesives Mean for Customers

Bostik’s ATO-free fire retardant film adhesive is but one solution with unique attributes to meet customer requirements. Bostik also offers fire retardant adhesives in liquid and non-woven web form.  By offering a variety of ATO-free solutions, Bostik is better able to meet customers’ needs at a global scale. The range of technology offered allows Bostik to address different customers’ process requirements while addressing compositional concerns of customer and regulatory agencies.

For more information on these smart ATO-free solutions, visit www.bostik.com.

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