February 26, 2019 - Automotive

Do Your Adhesives Address Door Panel Changes?

As automotive door panels have evolved over the years to include innovative speakers, airbags, lightings and controls, adhesive use in their assembly has as well. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to ensure the right adhesive is chosen for your door panel application needs. Gain insight into two considerations to make to ensure your adhesives address these changes.

Temperature Resistance

Larger sunroofs increase the amount of UV light entering car interiors, which in turn increases temperature levels. This means door panel adhesives must offer higher temperature resistance in order to maintain performance and functionality.

Aging Performance

Aging performance is another key factor when considering automotive door panel adhesives. Car doors are subjected to a range of harsh environmental conditions over many years. It’s important to assess an adhesive’s ability to maintain physical, mechanical and chemical properties throughout the vehicle’s life. This will also impact the door panel’s aesthetic appeal to consumers.

Smart Adhesive Options

The following chart provides an at-a-glance reference on smart adhesives for door panel assembly:

Door laminationFabric to plasticReactive SBA, WBA, HMPUR, Reactive PSA and PA
SpeakerConstruction and vibrationPUR, foam-in-place
WatershieldSealing on foam and direct sealingFoamed HMPSA, butyl
WeatherstripGal filling and flockingFoamed HMPSA, butyl, HMPUR

Odorless and cost effective, these solutions also aid in fast, efficient door panel assembly, improving operational efficiencies and worker safety.

For more information on these door panel assembly solutions, visit www.bostik.com.

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