June 12, 2018 - Assembly

Why Smart Clothing Deserves Smart Adhesives

The global sports apparel market is growing as consumers gravitate toward healthier, more active lifestyles. To address their preferences for efficiency and convenience, sports apparel companies are beginning to manufacture products that offer wearers more than just a comfortable workout. Gain insight into some of these innovations and why they deserve smart adhesives. 

Smart Fitness Pants

As noted in Wareable, one innovation in particular is designed to help people who practice yoga. The smart fitness pants include sensors that give haptic vibrations to cue the wearer when to move or change yoga positions. These vibrations help improve posture and give people a better, more effective workout.

Smart Fitness Shirts

Another innovation entails compression shirts that are able to monitor wearers’ heart rate and breathing patterns in real time. This sensor technology helps athletes more easily and effectively monitor condition and fitness levels. Additionally, it provides insight into workout intensity levels and calories burned.

Smart Fitness Shorts

Smart shorts are also making an entrance in the sports apparel market. With the ability to track running cadence, stride length and ground contact time, these sensors help runners improve form and reduce injury likelihood.

Smart Adhesives for Smart Clothing

As the sports apparel market continues to innovate, providing consumers with convenient insight to make their workouts more efficient, adhesive use in their manufacturing will likely rise as well. Bostik manufactures smart adhesives ideal for clothing applications. Offering uniform bond strength between fabrics, these solutions can also aid in clothing:

  • Flexibility
  • Breathability
  • Flame retardancy

For more information on Bostik’s smart adhesives and why they’re beneficial for smart clothing, visit www.bostik.com, or contact us today.

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