Why Smart High-Temperature Sealants are the Smart Choice to Make

Growing at a CAGR of 4.6% over the next five years, it’s important to note leading causes for high-temperature sealant market’s growth and understand why “smart” is the way to go.

High-Temperature Sealant Growth Factors

  • Automotive 

With higher temperature resistance, these sealants are better suited for certain applications than other sealant formulations. In particular, these sealants are seeing increased demand in automotive assembly, especially as OEMs shift away from mechanical fasteners. High-temperature sealants offer the performance characteristics needed in demanding automotive applications.

  • Construction

The construction market is also causing high-temperature sealants to rise in demand. With increasing urbanization, particularly in developing countries, more homes and buildings are being designed. High-temperature sealants give contractors the reassurance that their building projects will be durable and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  • Electronics

Another growth area for high-temperature sealants is in the electronics market. In addition to cars using more electrical components in assembly, today’s modern world relies heavily on personal electronics. As a result, high-temperature sealants are seeing increased demand in product assembly.

high-temperature sealants

Why “Smart” is the Way to Go

Bostik manufactures smart high-temperature sealants formulated using silicone technology. In addition to withstanding high temperatures, these products offer exceptional resistance to:

  • Radiation
  • Weathering
  • Mold
  • Water
  • Volatile chemicals and corrosive fluids

Furthermore, these high-temperature sealants provide the toughness yet flexibility that many manufacturers need for their applications. Offering a variety of low to mid modulus formulations, these products’ elastic properties are designed to meet even the most stringent criteria and bond to notoriously difficult substrates. For example, Bostik’s smart silicone sealants can bond to concrete and natural stone.

Providing non-sag and low odor seals, they are also free of acid and harsh chemicals. In addition to being smart, this also makes them a safe and sanitary option.

For more information on how Bostik’s smart high-temperature sealants can help your company, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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