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How Smart Transportation Solutions Lead to Smart Bonding

In an effort to improve fuel efficiency while also meeting high production demands, the general transportation industry has turned to adhesives. Yet while adhesives offer numerous advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners, certain adhesives stand out among the rest. Gain insight into the shift toward adhesives and how certain smart transportation solutions lead to smart bonding.

Eliminating Mechanical Fasteners

Traditionally, transportation manufacturers have relied on mechanical fasteners to assemble trains, trucks and buses.

However, these fasteners led to the following issues:

  • Greater risk of irreparable part damage
  • Concentrated stress/pressure points
  • Higher likelihood of leaks
  • Heavier loads
  • Inefficient production lines

Switching to Transportation Adhesives

To avoid these issues, manufacturers began turning to adhesives, which have offered the following benefits:

  • Uniform coverage, no areas of weakness
  • Ability to offer vibration damping without the need for additional padding and weight
  • Lighter weight construction
  • Material preservation
  • Production line efficiencies

However, not all transportation adhesives are the same. Certain solutions in particular stand out in the market and enable smart bonding.

Smart Transportation Bonding Solutions

For example, silyl modified polymers (SMPs) are moisture curing 1k and 2k elastic solutions that function as both sealants and adhesives. Combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane chemistries, SMPs offer manufacturers:

  • Reduced use of VOC-containing chemicals, due to being solvent and isocyanate-free
  • Enhanced design and functional flexibility
  • Primerless adhesion, further aiding in production line efficiencies
  • Reduced cost-in-use
  • Added flame retardant capability

As a result, these solutions enable smart bonding, improving transportation manufacturing overall. For more information on why SMP stands out in the transportation market, check out the following:

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