May 5, 2015 - Automotive

SMP adhesive technology introduces new efficiencies for automotive manufacturers and suppliers

SMP adhesive technology has the ability to make significant increases in efficiency and safety for many organizations. One tier supplier reduced the amount of assembly stations by 30% through the introduction of a primerless, dual SMP system. The new adhesive technology provided the customer with the same green strength, and quality of his current adhesive while eliminating the stations required for pretreatment and surface preparation often needed with traditional adhesives for low energy substrates.

Reduced flow time in the process led to significant program savings in total cost of equipment investment as well as production line efficiency improvements that drove the tier supplier costs down improving their margin and profitability targets.

Bostik’s adhesive solution

Bostik is leading the way with simply efficient solutions like these, which simplify the manufacturing process while reducing the production footprint, process flow and material inventories. At every turn, our adhesive technologies are creating a more efficient production process for our customers.

Bostik’s focus on creating solutions that are simply fast, simply efficient, and simply safe is creating new opportunities in other automotive exterior applications including tailgate assembly bonding, polycarbonate bonding, corrosion resistant seals, and trim assembly  and installation.

Bostik SMP is ideal for exterior applications with superior weatherability and UV resistance.  SMP chemistry does not chalk, shrink, or crack over time when exposed to harsh environmental conditions retaining its elasticity and bond integrity over the life of the vehicle.

Looking for more information on SMP adhesives? Get in touch with a Bostik adhesive expert today.

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