How SMP is the Smart General Transportation Solution

SMP technology has helped manufacturers across general transportation markets successfully address recent challenges, such as:

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Increase production speed
  • Decrease harmful chemicals

Let’s take a closer look at how it has for some markets in particular.

What is SMP Technology?

SMP, or silyl modified polymer, technology combines the advantages of silicone and polyurethane chemistries and is solvent and isocyanate-free. Moisture curing, products manufactured using this technology can function as both adhesives and sealants.

Additionally, these products are lightweight and offer good adhesion to a range of substrate materials as well as superior UV and temperature resistance.

As the transportation manufacturing industry has shifted away from mechanical fasteners, these adhesives and sealants have offered improved bonds and increased design flexibility for trains, boats, trucks, buses and more.


How Does SMP Technology Help the Rail Market?

Used in railcar manufacturing applications, such as moisture insulation and cockpit sealing, this technology passes environmental tests and aid in flame retardancy. As a result, using these adhesives and sealants during railcar assembly helps improve passenger comfort and safety.

How Does SMP Technology Help the Marine Market?

Due to its superior resistance to weather conditions and high chemical resistance against aggressive teak deck cleaners, these products are ideal for marine sealing applications. In particular, these adhesives and sealants are primerless with high tensile, shear and green strength, which help manufacturers meet production speed demands.

How Does SMP Technology Help the Truck and Bus Market?

Used in a variety of truck and bus applications, this technology helps reduce VOC emissions. Additionally, they help with sound damping and protect passengers from the outside elements. SMP adhesives and sealants also reduce assembly time, helping companies meet high speed production demands.


Bostik manufactures smart solutions for general transportation markets. To learn more about these products, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit our website.

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