June 1, 2017 - Aerospace

A Snapshot of the Global Aerospace Adhesives Market by Region

The global aerospace adhesives market is divided into five regions, each impacting its growth. Take a closer look at key insights into each of the regions.

North America

With over a 30% share of the market, North America leads the aerospace adhesives market, driven by end-use applications, such as commercial, military and general aviation.

In particular, the surge in commercial aircraft demand bodes well for OEMs and suppliers in this region. With new types of aircrafts being developed, adhesive demand will continue to rise.


As the next largest aerospace adhesives market share, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing. Becoming a manufacturing base for many airline companies, China and Japan in particular are key areas to watch.

For example, McKinsey Research reported that over the next two decades, China will emerge as a major player in the aerospace market. As the region manufactures more planes, its adhesive use will rise as well.


Closely following Asia-Pacific in terms of market share, this region is also focused on end-use application growth. This includes increasing adhesive needs in commercial, military and general aviation categories.

However, the European aerospace adhesives region is primarily focused on using VOC-free and environmentally friendly products.

Middle East/Africa and South America

Holding much smaller shares of the aerospace adhesives market, these regions are still emerging, accounting for less than 15% combined. As a result, the focus is mainly on the North American, Asia-Pacific and European regions.

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