Solutions That Meet Your Sustainable Packaging Goals

With increasing emphasis on sustainability worldwide, you’re likely wondering how the materials used in your packaging production lines can help you accomplish your objectives and make sustainable packaging a reality. Here are some solutions to consider:

Are You Looking for a Solution That Reduces Production Line Waste?

Labels are essential to end-use packaging; however, they can contribute to unnecessary waste at your plant. This is because traditional labels require a release liner to first be removed before the label can adhere. Further, these labels must be cut to set specifications, and much of the label can go un-used and wasted as a result.

Consider linerless labels if you’re trying to reduce production line waste at your plant. Linerless labels don’t require a release liner. Additionally, these labels offer variable print lengths. This means you only use the amount of label material that you need, which further reduces waste.

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Are You Looking for a Solution That Decreases Carbon Footprint?

Oftentimes, plants must use many product SKUs across production lines. In addition to increasing complexity, it can also mean greater carbon footprint, shipping costs and more.

Consider using a hot melt adhesive specifically formulated to be used across production lines. In addition to reducing SKU volume, product inventory and warehouse needs, this adhesive technology:

  1. Reduces product usage and adhesive waste
  2. Decreases maintenance costs and downtime

Are You Looking for a Solution That Improves Packaging’s End-of-Life?

The materials that go into manufacturing a package can also help improve its end of life. For example, if you want to ensure recyclability, consider using all compatible, recyclable materials.

You should also think about the benefit of manufacturing compostable packaging. This includes using a compostable adhesive to ensure full decomposition and landfill waste reduction.

For more ways to make sustainable packaging a reality at your company and what to consider, check out this content:

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