September 5, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

Solve Your Case and Carton Sealing Issues Once and For All

It can be difficult to increase package output, improve package performance and enhance package sustainability all at once. However, as today’s industry evolves, it has become a necessity for converters and manufacturers to do just that. Fortunately, Kizen® PROS, a case and carton sealing adhesive, can make accomplishing these goals an easy reality.

How Can Kizen PROS Increase Package Output?

If you have to slow down or stop your production lines, your adhesive may be a determining factor in this downtime. For example, the wrong adhesive choice can cause:

  • Pop-opens
  • Charring and nozzle clogging

Kizen PROS is an innovative case and carton sealing adhesive designed to address these common problems and increase package output. In particular, it enables:

  • Faster line speeds
  • Reduced equipment maintenance
  • Greater package output

This is due to its enhanced thermal stability, superior specific adhesion and its ability to work with melt-on-demand and auto-feed equipment systems.

case and carton sealing

How Can Kizen PROS Improve Package Performance?

Today’s packages come in a variety of material types and can include graphics and coatings. These elements can make it difficult for an adhesive to properly adhere.

Kizen PROS offers robust bonding capabilities and can successfully adhere to many challenging substrates, such as:

  • Highly recycled
  • Coated
  • Board stocks with variability

With a broad temperature range and the ability to withstand variations in board stock, it also increases your application uses, improving package performance across production lines.

How Can Kizen PROS Enhance Package Sustainability?

Many adhesives are unable to successfully bond highly recycled board stock. This is due to its shorter paper fibers, which make sufficient wet out difficult. As a result, it can be a challenge for package manufacturers to use highly recycled packaging substrates.

Designed to bond to challenging substrates, Kizen PROS makes it easy to use sustainable packaging materials. Additionally, it reduces adhesive usage overall and further enables sustainable practices with its ultra-precise drop and stitching pattern capabilities.

Visit Bostik at PACK EXPO booth LS-5846 to learn more about Kizen PROS and how this innovative case and carton sealing adhesive can improve your processes and end-use packages overall.

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