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Sticking with Bostik Greenville, SC

Since 1991, Bostik has been part of the Greenville, SC community and serving customers in the industrial and disposable hygiene industries. To learn more about what it’s like to work at this plant, we talked with some of its team members.

The Greenville area is one of the reasons they’re attracted to Bostik Greenville in the first place. Vu Pham, a Process Engineer informed us, “Locally, Greenville is one of the top five fastest growing cities in the U.S. because of the job opportunities in the area. By being close to the coast and the Appalachian Mountains, we have good weather and lots of things to do for young professionals and their families.”

While the plant’s location may initially attract them, the company’s investment in its employees is one of the reasons they choose to stick with Bostik.

For example, Scooter Greer, Senior Process Operator, has been with Bostik since November of 1997. Just as he has made the commitment to working with Bostik, he explained that Bostik has made the commitment to working with him and helping him grow.

“Good workers who learn different jobs and show leadership skills have the ability to be promoted to lead positions,” said Scooter. He added, “I have worked my way up from a one skilled operator to a multi skilled senior operator/team lead and then as third shift production manager. I feel there is job security here, and therefore I’m not worried about the job disappearing.”

Along with the opportunity for advancement, the team is very tight knit. Vu, who has been at the Greenville Plant since June of 2008, said, “Bostik plants are small entities (70 employees in Greenville) with close working employees.” Yet at the same time he explained, “we are connected with our global businesses. There are great opportunities within the plant and globally.”

Bostik Greenville

Courtney Sprouse

That family atmosphere is what brought Courtney Sprouse to Bostik as a Production Operator in January of 2017. She told us, “I heard it was a good place to work, and everyone acted like a family here.” Now that she has been with Bostik for several months, she says the people are what she likes best about working in Greenville. Like many others, Courtney is experiencing the impact powerful bonds can make – at a place where you can feel at home.

However, Bostik isn’t just concerned with bringing the right people in and making sure they have opportunities to grow. The company also ensures that employees go home safe to their families each day.

According to Scooter, “First and foremost, the PLT – Plant Leadership Team – members stress safety above all. They encourage us every day that the ultimate goal is for us to be safe and go home safe.”

Bostik Greenville

Vu Pham and Racquel Henry

Racquel Henry, who has been with Bostik since March of 2011, emphasized, “We at the Greenville plant put safety first. We want to make sure that you leave the same way you came in. We do not believe in taking short cuts.” Added Vu, “We promote safety and quality highly, so employees are engaged and participate in safety and quality programs. To promote safety awareness, the employees do a peer review of the 4S participation each month. We also do Recognition Awards through the Bostik Recognition Award Program and have several Gecko Award winners.”

Any employee can nominate someone they feel has exemplified one of Bostik’s core values through the Americas recognition database. Each quarter, the Americas leadership team chooses one or more Gecko Award winners from the group of nominees and recognizes them across the company. Greenville takes pride in the number of nominations and award winners they have each year.

Courtney furthered Vu’s thoughts about Bostik’s efforts for continuous improvement and safety. She told us that the appreciation and recognition shown to employees is another one of the reasons she is choosing to stick with Bostik.

That commitment to safety and employee welfare also has led to additional investments in the plant. “Since heat is a major factor here in Greenville, safety has been an ongoing concern. The company has recently gotten more fans to push cool air around and gotten the roof exhaust system updated,” said Scooter. In addition to these mechanical upgrades, Greenville offers free fruit and Gatorade to all employees during the hot summer months to be certain that no one becomes dehydrated, and everyone gets home safely.

Along with the opportunity to grow, the commitment to safety and job security, all of the employees mentioned that the 401k plan and benefits are further reasons they are sticking with Bostik.

For more information on how you can build a career with Bostik and enjoy the benefits of sticking with a company that values you as an individual, visit our Career Page. #workatbostik

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