July 27, 2015 - Flexible Packaging

Sustainable Benefits of M-Resin for Food Packaging

by Tom Ruppert

Why would anybody create a lidding film for a flexible or rigid tray that is peelable – but not resealable? That just seems silly! Wouldn’t it be better to create a lidding film that is not only peelable – it’s resealable too?

Consider this scenario. A consumer stops by the grocery store after work to pick up a few things to make a homemade pizza. He purchases a really good block of imported parmesan cheese, a package of spicy sliced pepperoni and a package of pre-baked pizza crusts. After he gets home, he opens the three packages and uses only what he needs of all the ingredients. Unfortunately, all of the packages use a peelable film that is not resealable. The consumer has to remove the food from its original package and repackage it in a zipper bag so it stays fresh until the next time the family is craving a pizza. Not only is time wasted having to repackage the food, but the original packaging had to be thrown away and a secondary package needed to be used. What a waste of time, money and packaging.

The solution is to create lidding films that are peelable and resealable. This can be done with Bostik’s smart adhesive, M-Resin. M-Resin is pelletized, pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be extruded using a multi-layer blown film extruder to create specialized films that are converted to make peelable and resealable lids for many different kinds of packaging applications including sliced cheese and luncheon meats.

Here’s how it works. The film manufacturer, making the peelable lidding film, uses their existing multi-layer blown film extruder to include a resealable layer using M-Resin. The M-Resin can be extruded in one of the unused extruders, causing no loss of time to the produce the resealable film compared to the non-resealable film. The sealant layer of the film seals the lidding film to the tray plus it separates the food from the M-resin so there is no change in the quality or taste of the food. The resealable film runs exactly the same on the packaging machine – there is no need to slow down the packaging machine at the food manufacturing plant. It runs exactly the same, except the consumer does not have to spend time repackaging food in a resealable package to avoid food waste.

So, why would somebody create a lidding film for a flexible or rigid tray that is peelable but not resealable? The sustainable benefits to both the food manufacturer and the consumer are huge and an opportunity nobody should miss out on.

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