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July 8, 2014 - Automotive

Truck Dual SMP System

Bostik is leading the field of adhesive technology in marine, transportation, and construction applications. We know that there are a number of application requirements for adhesives and sealants, such as adhesion to a wide variety of substrate materials, a desire for minimum required surface pre-treatments, temperature and UV resistance, and even paint-ability. Our customers want …

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Bostik — The Superman of Adhesives

In the 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve, there is a moment in the climax during an earthquake where a section of train track has snapped in two. The fasteners used to keep those rails connected have shattered – the mechanical fasteners have failed beyond repair. And worse yet, there is a train on a …

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Running the Bostik Gauntlet: Rheological Modeling

Customers want the best from the products they are buying, whether it is software, a car, food, or the adhesives we offer here at Bostik. Everything that people spend their money on is expected to be the best. As many companies are continually pushing out new versions of their materials, the testing phase of these …

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October 24, 2013 - Flexible Packaging

Form, Fill and Seal Packaging from Bostik

Watch the video to learn more about Form, Fill and Seal Packaging from Bostik   FFS PACKAGING FOR HOT MELT ADHESIVES: Form, Fill & Seal Innovation Offers Customers More for Less Customer service may be an old-fashioned term, but the idea behind it never goes out of style. At Bostik, our research and formulation teams are …

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