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October 7, 2021 - Building & Construction

Six Ways Adhesives Can Increase the Value of a Home

Buying a home is continually competitive, but whether the market is in favor of the buyer or seller, construction builders always have the opportunity to increase the value of a house. Builders can make a project more profitable by being selective about the adhesives used. With the application of adhesives, builders can keep costs down, …

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April 5, 2021 - Building & Construction

VIDEO: Improve Roofing Underlayment Performance and Installation

Watch this short video to learn how alternate adhesive technology helps you improve roofing underlayment performance and installation when compared to traditional adhesives.

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How Seam Sealing Tape Makes It Easy to Address Building Industry Trends

Construction manufacturers, builders and contractors are concerned with constructing safe and energy-efficient buildings that protect occupants from outdoor elements. One key way to do this is by creating a proper building envelope for environmental separation.However, separations between air and vapor barriers and the building envelope can disrupt the barrier’s ability to keep unwanted heat or …

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December 21, 2020 - Building & Construction

3 Resilient Flooring Trends and How to Address Them

It’s important to manufacture different types of resilient flooring to address consumer trends like improved sustainability, enhanced “wood-look” and increased durability. Get in the know about these trends and the types of resilient flooring that can address them. Trend 1: Improved Sustainability More and more consumers are looking for ways to make their homes more …

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