October 20, 2016 - Tape & Label

Tape and Label Q&A: Avette Mancini, Bostik’s Label Market Manager, Discusses How Bostik Helps Customers

Bostik’s Label Market Manager, Avette Mancini, sat down with us to discuss Bostik’s role in the evolving label market.

Q: What is your role and background at Bostik?

A: I started as the Key Account Manager for Bostik three years ago. When we reorganized the market to a tape and label concentration, I started focusing on the label portion of the market in particular as the Label Market Manager. While I still work with some tape customers, I primarily deal with label manufacturers and converters, concentrating on label applications for various end uses.

Q: What is one trend in particular you are seeing within the label market?

A: Currently, many manufacturers and converters are using label adhesive products that are more than they need for the applications.

This may be the case for a variety of reasons. For instance, they may have been using the same product for years and haven’t considered switching to a newer one that could be better suited and save them money.

Q: How does Bostik address this issue?

A: Bostik works with customers as an entire team, from our Sales and Marketing to our Technical Service and R&D. As a result, we view customers as true partners. In addition to understanding the label market’s dynamics, we are able to fully understand customers’ processes and needs. This helps us ensure customers are getting the performance level they need for a specific application.

For example, by closely working with customers, we can make changes to an existing adhesive they’re using to help improve efficiency in their processes. This includes minor changes, such as adjusting coat weight, application temperature, pump speed, or even formulating a new product tailored to customers’ specific needs.

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Q: Why might customers want to switch to a new product?

A: While customers may have used the same product for years, it’s possible they’re missing out on benefits they didn’t know they could have by switching to a new product. For example, Bostik’s newer, more readily available raw materials offer supply security. Additionally, a new product may offer cost savings to customers, helping them better compete in their market.

Q: How else does Bostik help customers?

A: Bostik works closely with customers to understand their full capabilities, and together we work to identify what other markets they might be able to pursue. By ensuring we understand our customers’ complete process, we can assist them in their production capabilities to the end use and beyond. In addition, because Bostik is a global organization, we discuss what works and what doesn’t in different applications/end uses throughout our organization. We also share that knowledge with our customers to ensure success.

For more information on Bostik’s role in the label market, contact Avette Mancini at avette.mancini@bostik-us.com. You can also call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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