Thank You to Our Plant-Based, Essential Workers!

Since 2014, every first Friday in October is nationally recognized as Manufacturing Day, a day to celebrate and acknowledge all of those who keep our companies running. This year especially, we wanted to thank our essential workers at Bostik’s manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. and recognize their efforts. During this time, our workers have been deemed essential due to their ability to supply needed products across industries, including transportation, food, hygiene and construction, that help keep our country moving forward. Without our essential workers, we wouldn’t be able to meet our customers’ needs in the following ways:

Paying Attention to Safety

Manufacturing a range of innovative adhesives and sealants isn’t the only aspect top of mind for our essential workers. In addition to ensuring our products are safe for our customers to use, we’ve implemented new safety protocols at every plant throughout the country. These protocols ensure our sites can still operate effectively even in these unprecedented times. We appreciate our essential workers’ ability to efficiently conduct their jobs while adapting to new protocols.

Meeting Our Commitment

Even in challenging times, our essential workers do their best to ensure our customers’ products are delivered where they want them and when they need them. Their commitment to our customers’ success and putting our customers’ needs first allows us to succeed as a company, too.

Maintaining Agility

We understand that there have been and continue to be many unknowns in these current, unprecedented times. Our customers’ priorities may have shifted as the year has unfolded. Thanks to our essential workers, we’re able to adjust accordingly and continue to work with our customers to ensure their needs are met even as they change.


Delivering Quality Products

Our essential workers also make it possible for us to deliver quality products that are able to meet even the most stringent application needs. By conducting thorough quality control tests, they ensure that every product that leaves our plants will arrive as expected at our customers’ plants.

On Manufacturing Day – and every day – we are grateful for our essential workers. Without them, we wouldn’t be Bostik, and we wouldn’t be able to meet our customers’ adhesive and sealant needs.

Interested in joining our team of essential workers? Our manufacturing plants, in locations including Conyers, GA and Louisville, KY, are looking for individuals that want to grow their careers in manufacturing with a company that cares about them and values their important role in our business’ success. Click here to explore our manufacturing career opportunities at a location near you.

Contact a Bostik expert to learn more about how our team remains mobilized to help our customers even in these unprecedented times.

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