July 9, 2015 - Bostik News

The 3 Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability is described in many different ways. Although there are varying definitions, most center on the idea of balance. Some describe sustainability as balancing what we do today with the needs of future generations. Bostik describes sustainability as achieving harmony between the environment, economics and the social aspect of what we do.

These three pillars can be further defined in this way:

Environment: the ability to use natural resources without negatively impacting the environment; the ability to replace or rectify any negative environmental impacts from use

Economic: the ability to maintain and grow economic conditions

Societal: the ability to advance the quality of life of the community in which we operate

The key to managing the mega-trend of sustainability is to be adaptable. Sustainability means different solutions for the wide variety of markets Bostik serves. In some cases, it can mean including recycled content in Bostik products or offering zero VOCs products – both of which help architects achieve LEED requirements. In other instances, Bostik is enabling our customers to do more with less adhesive like our ZeroCreep, which enables add-on reductions of up to 50%. Bostik also offers products that improve the quality of life in the environment we live in, from aesthetically pleasing design options to improving the sound quality of your floor to improved safety with fire retardant adhesives.

From flooring adhesives to automotive sealants to adhesives for diapers, Bostik offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of our customers and enable our customers to achieve their individual sustainability goals.

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