The Advantages to Using Polyolefins in Certain Assembly Applications

Hot melt adhesives are becoming as popular as they are versatile. As cited in Adhesives and Sealants Magazine, these adhesives are gaining market attention due to their fast-setting speed, relatively low cost and low environmental impact. There are several types of chemistries used to manufacture hot melts, including polyamides and polyolefins. While polyamides offer advantages such as excellent chemical resistance and high temperature performance, Bostik, an expert in polyolefin adhesive formulation, has new, high-performing solutions that can offer alternative advantages to polyamides in demanding applications.

Advantages of Polyolefins

Polyolefins are being used to replace polyamides in applications that do not require solvent resistance or extreme heat resistance. Polyolefins offer the following benefits over polyamide use for those applications:

Longer pot life

  • Pot life can vary widely, from 30 seconds to 5 days. It can be an important consideration in the selection of an adhesive depending on the requirements of the fabrication process. Adhesives with longer pot life are considered easier to work with than those with shorter pot life.

Lower application temperature

  • Hot melt adhesives that have lower application temperatures reduce energy consumption, offer improved safety for line operators, are low maintenance and deliver efficient adhesive performance.

Better adhesion to olefinic substrates

  • Typically, adhesion to olefinic substrates is difficult due to their non-polar, non-porous and chemically inert surfaces. Pretreatment is often common in order to get an adhesive to bond to these substrates, and adhesion failure is often difficult and costly to fix. Using polyolefins in certain assembly applications that do not require high temperature resistance allows for better adhesion from the outset.

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