February 12, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

The Challenge You May Have with Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

Today’s package production lines are increasingly complex. As companies incorporate environmentally friendly packaging materials, it can be difficult to maintain fast production speeds and meet high output demands. It can be even more difficult to ensure optimal end-use packaging performance. We understand, and you’re not alone in this issue.

The Environmentally Friendly Material Challenge

Many packaging manufacturers are dealing with these same problems. They want to use environmentally friendly packaging materials while keeping production lines moving fast. However, these new materials can make that challenging.

This is because they contain shorter paper fibers than virgin board stock. These fibers impact the adhesive’s ability to successfully bond and seal the package. The more times the fibers are recycled, the shorter they become.

Adhesives aren’t able to successfully wet out shorter fiber substrates. This causes end-use packages pop open on the line. Downtime is increased while performance and productivity are decreased.

Therefore, it can make it difficult for manufacturers to use environmentally friendly packaging materials and maintain fast production speeds.

environmentally friendly packaging materials

The Case and Carton Sealing Solution

Fortunately, the right case and carton sealing adhesive can help. Designed specifically to adhere to highly recycled materials with short paper fibers, Kizen® is a hot melt adhesive that makes it easier for manufacturers to meet high output demands while using environmentally friendly materials. This is because it can quickly adhere to highly recycled substrates and is optimized for fast-moving, automated assembly lines.

Downtime is reduced, and productivity is enhanced. Packages no longer pop-open on production lines, and using environmentally friendly materials becomes an easy choice.

But, don’t take our word for it. Just like you, a leading food manufacturer was having trouble with its adhesive on highly recycled packaging materials. After switching to Kizen, the manufacturer experienced:

  • 4x faster production line speeds
  • Fewer equipment maintenance issues
  • Reduced package pop-opens
  • Improved package aesthetics

Better yet, Kizen was easy for them to test and trial on their already-running production lines. They were able to easily use environmentally friendly packaging materials and meet sustainability initiatives.

Find out how you, too, can make package pop-opens a thing of the past and environmentally friendly materials a given. Contact a Kizen expert today. You can also read this other relevant content:

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