December 23, 2015 - Building & Construction

The Importance of Jobsite Adhesion Testing for Sealants

When it’s time to apply high performance sealants to a jobsite, consultants, building owners and contractors may question whether or not they should test the products’ adhesion to the substrate. While these sealants can possess an increased ability to adhere to more substrates with increased adhesion, it does not exclude the need to test.

What Do Sealants Do?

Sealants are intended to coat various types of building joints. They prevent infiltration of the elements (rain, wind, etc.) while compensating for the dimensional changes in the building due thermal and moisture changes.

What Does a Jobsite Adhesion Testing Provide?

  • A more comprehensive evaluation of the jobsite: This is beneficial for the building owner or project manager in order to more fully understand and foresee and problems before they occur.
  • A list of jobsite anomalies: Jobsite anomalies include specific weathering elements such as evaluation exposure (North, South, etc.) and local airborne contaminants, which could impact the performance of the sealant. These anomalies would not have been evident in laboratory conditions or in the introduction of a product and its early claims.
  • An illustration of possible installation deviations: During construction, it is possible that the adjoining building materials were installed a bit differently than in the theoretical directions listed in the installation instructions.
  • A possible eligibility for the Bostik Gold Seal Warranty: Satisfactory jobsite adhesion can make the project eligible for the Bostik Gold Seal Warranty . To learn about this warranty, check out our blog post.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.56.25 AM

How is the Jobsite Adhesion Testing Process Determined?

The jobsite adhesion testing process can be substrate specific or based upon a manufacturer’s recommendations, which stem from industry standard test methods. A manufacturer’s jobsite adhesion test (Bostik-ASP) is clearly illustrated in each of the technical data sheet for Bostik construction sealants. Another method is described via ASTM C1193-11, titled Standard Guide For Use of Joint Sealants.

For further information about jobsite adhesion testing and sealants, please contact Bostik technical services at 800-7-BOSTIK. We are also on Facebook (Bostik Industrial) and Twitter (Bostik_IND).

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