March 21, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

A Solution to Thinner Film Materials in Packaging

The overall performance of packaged end products is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Packaging substrates or films
  • Sealing properties of the adhesives

However, many packaging materials, especially the films, are becoming thinner. This is because thinner film materials offer lower costs and improved aesthetics. As a result, these materials are now more heat sensitive and susceptible to burn through when using traditional adhesives.

For example, commonly used EVA-based hot melt adhesives offer very effective heat sealing properties for packaging and lidding applications. However, their activation temperatures are generally above 180°F, which is too high for these new, thinner films in certain applications.

Instead, for those applications, films require heat activation temperatures at 160°F.

To meet these needs, Bostik has developed a new EVA-based hot melt adhesive with low activation temperature. This product is based on a blend of:

  • Metallocene catalyzed polyolefin polymer
  • Tackifying resin: used to bring about the desired adhesion for the composition
  • Wax: used to control the set time, flexibility and hardness
  • Other additives

With an activation temperature of 160°F or less, this adhesive is able to be applied to films without negatively impacting package performance. Additionally, it has a minimum peel force of between 1.0 and 1.5 pounds per inch. As a result, this smart packaging adhesive is able to meet the sealing requirements for packaging food and other consumer goods.

By using an adhesive that can adapt to thinner film materials, companies are able to save money. Furthermore, they are able to run faster line speeds, increasing production efficiencies.

For more information on how this smart adhesive benefits customers, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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