August 23, 2018 - Aerospace

Three Ways Aircraft Seating is Changing to Meet Passenger Needs

When selecting aircraft seating, OEMs must abide by strict safety regulations while also taking limited space into account. As a result, accommodating consumer preferences for enhanced disabled passenger accommodations, improved comfort and increased personal space has been difficult. However, as manufacturers continue to innovate aircraft interiors to better meet these preferences, seating is likely to change in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced Disabled Passenger Accommodations

Traditionally, airlines have struggled to accommodate passengers with limited mobility. However, testing is underway to develop wheelchair frames and restraint systems that could be certified for use on commercial flights. Once these innovations are approved, seating configuration will be altered as OEMs’ continually try to address passenger needs.

  1. Improved Passenger Comfort

Uncomfortable seats are another obstacle in meeting consumer preferences. In an effort to address this, seat manufacturers are designing options that are based on body contour, offering enhanced lumbar support and an ergonomic seating posture.

Additionally, manufacturers are adjusting where support is placed for the arms, back and neck and creating curved seat backs that allow for greater knee and shin room.

aircraft seating

  1. Increased Personal Space

Another change to aircraft seating entails increasing passengers’ personal space. One innovation includes designing seating areas that enable passengers to stand in their footwell. This will allow for greater space per passenger while also more easily accommodating the boarding process.

Smart Adhesives for Aircraft Seating

As manufacturers adjust aircraft seating, smart adhesives will play an important role in their assembly. In addition to enhancing overall seating aesthetics and comfort, these solutions impart flame retardancy to aid in occupant safety. For more information on how these aircraft interior adhesives for seating applications are the smart choice and can improve your manufacturing processes, visit www.bostik.com.

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