January 21, 2020 - Tape & Label

Tips to Ensure Successful Label Converting

The label converting process is an important part of label manufacturing and producing the final label product. Follow these tips to aid in converting success: 

Have a Properly Tooled and Clean Die

Prior to starting the converting process, it’s important to have properly tooled die for the product running. Failure to do so can result in improper cutting, perforating, hole punching or slitting and can decrease worker safety.

Additionally, it’s important for the die to be routinely cleaned in order to enhance performance. Conduct regular cleaning processes, such as wiping the die with lubricating bearer and oil mixtures.

Know Your Materials

Dies are manufactured to cut specific types of materials and can be either flexible or rigid. Determining which type of die to use depends largely on the materials you’re trying to convert. While flexible dies are often the go-to choice for converting pressure sensitive labels, it’s still a good idea to assess the process holistically before converting.

Ensure Dies Make Straight and Clean Impressions

The die needs to be level in order to make a straight impression on the pressure sensitive label. If not, it will die cut more heavily on one side than another, causing the matrix to possibly strip unevenly or break.

Likewise, the die needs to make a clean, consistent impressions without cutting through the liner. Pressure gauges are one way to assist with this and can help avoid problems later in the converting process.

label converting

Use the Right Label Adhesive 

Pressure sensitive labels also play an important role in converting success. In particular, the adhesive can determine:

  • Converting productivity
  • Time to market
  • Overall manufacturing costs

Therefore, it’s critical to ensure the right adhesive is chosen before converting begins. Failure to do so can result in the following problems:

  • Label tearing
  • Matrix breaks
  • Increased material waste
  • Equipment issues

Bostik works directly with customers to ensure the correct label adhesive is chosen for their converting processes. Offering excellent die-cuttability, these solutions also enhance operational efficiencies and improve label performance overall. For more information on how these adhesives can help your converting processes, visit www.bostik.com.

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