November 14, 2018 - Assembly

3 Trends Shaping the Global Filtration Market

The global filtration market is set to experience prominent growth. Therefore, it’s important for engineers and manufacturers to understand what’s driving global filtration market and how these trends impact them.

Trend #1:  Technological Advances

As more companies invest in R&D, filter media is experiencing significant innovations. In particular, these innovations include:

  • More energy efficient filtration
  • Reduction in greenhouse gases
  • Reduced resistance to flow
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Enhanced filtration performance

In addition to driving industrial filtration demand, these trends are helping to shape the entire make up and functionality of the industry itself.

Trend #2: India’s Chemical Sector Growth

According to Business Wire, India’s petrochemical and chemical industry is experiencing significant growth. This is due to increased demand from the manufacturing, agricultural and agricultural sectors especially. The result of this rapid growth is likely to rise the demand for industrial filters and shape the overall volume needed in this market.

global filter market

Trend #3: Emerging Asian Economies

In addition to India’s rapid urbanization, Asian pharmaceutical markets are growing, which will contribute to air filter demand especially. This is because air filters play an important role in drug manufacturing. To address this, manufacturers will need to be aware of rising global supply needs for certain filter types.

As the filter industry grows and changes, it will become especially important for manufacturers to use efficient materials in their assembly. For information on filter adhesives in particular, view this relevant content:

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