December 19, 2016 - General Transportation

Truck and Bus Adhesive Use: Applications and Benefits

U.S. truck and bus manufacturing is currently a $27 billion market, according to IBIS World. With demands to improve fuel emission standards, these manufacturers are shifting away from mechanical fasteners and toward adhesives for many applications.

Let’s take a closer look at truck and bus adhesive use.

Truck and Bus Adhesive Use

As cited in ASC, trucks and buses consume 1.2 million gallons of adhesives annually. This amount is expected to grow over the next few years due to the following:

  • Increase of composite and mixed materials in manufacturing
  • Rise in aerodynamic designs
  • Expected increase of safety regulations

Adhesives are used in meeting each of these factors. For example, they are able to bond dissimilar materials together without compromising strength, durability or causing stress points.

Additionally, they help increase a truck trailer’s aerodynamics by enabling the use of designs otherwise not possible with traditional mechanical fasteners. These include the addition of skirts and fairings that reduce drag.

Furthermore, adhesives offer improved crash performance by aiding in energy absorption during a crash. As safety regulations increase, the use of adhesives to aid in truck and bus occupant safety will as well.

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Adhesive Applications in Trucks and Buses

Adhesives are currently used in a range of truck and bus applications including:

  • Windows and windscreens
  • Door panels
  • Interior assembly, such as seating
  • Cab sealing
  • Tier 1 component assembly
  • Interior plastic part bonding on and around the floor area

In addition to bonding materials together without adding to vehicle weight, adhesives used in these applications also serve to:

  • Reduce vibration
  • Prevent moisture leakage
  • Reduce corrosion

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Smart Adhesives for Trucks and Buses

Bostik offers quality adhesives for truck and bus applications. These adhesives deliver several benefits, including:

  • High green strength
  • High tack
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Superior UV resistance

Additionally, our STR line of adhesives in particular has proven to be the smart choice for the truck and bus market. In addition to being reliable and versatile, these adhesives contain no isocyanates and are solvent-free. This makes them a safe option in addition to being a smart option.

For more information on truck and bus adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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