July 29, 2014 - General Transportation

Truck Cab Sealing

Bostik has nearly ten years of experience with bonding glass and sealing interiors of trucks. Our products are trusted for their speed and consistency. We are second to none when it comes to truck cab sealing to prevent any moisture from entering. We have become the best by constantly developing new, improved products that respond to our customers’ needs, such as faster process speed and reduced waste. We have improved the process of cab bonding by creating the swiftest and greenest sealants available.

There are two Bostik products primarily used in truck cab sealing. The first is the 70-08 sealant, which is used for window bonding. This high quality product uses Bostik’s Silyl Modified Polymer and was developed principally for the bonding of windshields. 70-08 has a high viscosity, meaning that, though liquid-based, it does not run or flow. Its high internal strength results in the glass being held in place by itself with no need for clamping devices. This environmentally friendly method reduces the amount of materials required to manufacture and complete a cab. Using fewer materials in the manufacturing process lowers emissions, waste, and man power, and moves the cab down the assembly line more quickly. The reaction of 70-08 to glass begins with moisture, solidifies through cross-linking, and results in an irreversibly strong vulcanized bond. 70-08’s innate strength along with its high tack makes this product ideal for applications where parts are required to be transported immediately or shortly after installation.

The second product principally used in truck cab sealing is Bostik’s 70-03. This elastic adhesive is used in the sealing of interiors. It is used to seal cracks and lines of welded metal and prevents moisture from passing into the cab. 70-03 has high initial strength and good flexibility. Like 70-08, it is a green product — by eliminating the need for any additional materials during bonding, it prevents environmental damage and reduces waste. 70-03 creates high-strength, structural bonds of metal and polyester panels without the use of mechanical fasteners. As it is used primarily for bonding floor and side panels to metal interiors, it has a faster flow time than 70-08, creating an easy production experience for customers.

Both of these products have a fast skin time (the speed at which the adhesive solidifies) of about 15 minutes. This skin time was carefully developed by Bostik to ensure fast production times for our customers. This is typically twice as fast as our competitors’ urethane adhesives, which have a skin time of between 30 minutes to an hour. Bostik’s products have the fastest and most consistent skin times. Our adhesives allow our customers to produce and manufacture their cabs without the hours of waiting required by other urethane based products. The specifications of Bostik products do not vary from order to order. With other urethanes, there is uncertainty that can lead to shortages or time lost. Without reliable sealants, a manufacturer may be forced to send home an entire line of employees.  Our customers know how long our sealants will take to adhere and how long the quantity of their supplies of 70-08 and 70-03 will last. This allows them to produce without interruption on the production line. The consistency of Bostik products alleviates the fear that one might need to shut down a line unexpectedly. We create value for our customers by preventing these types of production issues.

Bostik offers unique, advanced sealants and adhesives that expedite cab production. In our pursuit to offer the greenest technologies available, our products keep manpower and additional materials to a minimum. Bostik is environmentally friendly, consistently efficient, and a great value for customers. By devoting ourselves to creating these reliable and consistent products, we at Bostik are certain that the ten years we have worked within the truck cab industry are only the beginning.

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