December 14, 2016 - Flexible Packaging

Discover Tube and Stick Packaging Market Dynamics

The flexible packaging market continues to create new, innovative packaging designs to meet consumer demands for convenience and environmental friendliness. These designs have included a range of features such as resealability, straw inserts and perforation aids.

One type of flexible packaging in particular is tube and stick packaging. Let’s discuss this type of packaging and why it’s set to see promising growth. generic ambien not working https://www.livermedic.com/

Tube and Stick Packaging

Tube and stick packaging is a convenient packaging form that appeals to consumers for several reasons due to its:

  • Single-serve format
  • Easy usability
  • One-time use functionality

As consumer lifestyles shift, people are increasingly turning toward quick, on-the-go type food and beverages in particular. This aspect helps fuel growth, given its ability to address this need.

Yet this type of packaging is expected to appeal to converters over other types of packaging as well. This is because the needed packaging equipment takes up very little floor space. More machines can fit in a given area, boosting converters’ production capability.

Tube and Stick Packaging Market Dynamics

While tube and stick packaging is expected to see gains in the food and beverage sector, others are responsible for its growth as well. For example, stick packaging is increasingly being used in existing and new pharmaceutical applications.

Squeeze tubes in particular hold the largest share in the tube and stick packaging market. These tubes offer the added capability of extending the shift life of oxygen-sensitive contents. They also are growing in popularity for sample or promotional cosmetic and toiletries items and are expected to experience increased demand for these applications.

Furthermore, plastic will remain the dominant material for tube and stick packaging. This is due to its lightweight, low cost and barrier properties.

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