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What to Know About Mattress Hot Melt Adhesive Application Methods

More manufacturers are turning to hot melt adhesives for mattress assembly line. Therefore, it’s important to understand their benefits and various application methods to determine which one is best for you.

How Hot Melt Adhesives Benefit Mattress Assembly

Hot melt adhesives don’t require waiting for water to evaporate to form a bond. As a result, they keep production lines running smoothly and efficiently. They are also:

  • Environmentally friendly (low VOC)
  • 100% solids

Additionally, hot melt adhesives are versatile. They can be used for the following mattress assembly applications:

  • Foam to foam
  • Foam to textile
  • Textile to textile
  • Coil to textile

mattress assembly

They can be applied in the following ways:

1. Pattern Spray/Swirl Spray

This application method helps increase the surface area of the hot melt adhesive. Doing so helps speed up the set time, which boosts production efficiency. Additionally, less adhesive is used. This saves manufacturers money.

However, while this adhesive application method for mattress assembly saves time and money, it’s important to note that manufacturers will need a complete hot melt spray system in place first.

2. Bead

The bead application method provides a robust bond, which gives the adhesive the strength to hold a stressed mattress coil in place. However, there is a threshold with how much adhesive can be put down when using this method.

3. Gravure Lamination

In gravure lamination, the textile is rolled through to apply the adhesive. For mattress applications, the roller needs to be heated first before applying the adhesive.

Another type of lamination method is used for hot melt web adhesives, which work well for foam to textile applications.  This application involves a heated press or nip to bond the web adhesive to substrates.

To learn about specific hot melt adhesive for mattress assembly, contact a Bostik expert today. You can also view this relevant blog content:

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