November 16, 2020 - Rigid Packaging

Get In the Know on an Industry-Recognized, Sustainable Innovation

Packaging often makes up a major contribution of municipal solid waste. In fact, a recent study shows that packaging accounts for nearly 30% of all waste in landfills. For this reason, many packaging companies, including yours, may want to create sustainable packaging or improve it.

Adhesives play an important role in achieving this goal. Bostik’s experts understand the trend toward compostable packaging and how adhesives can pose limitations to achieving proper decomposition. This idea is what drove us to create Thermogrip® 43298, the market’s first-ever BPI-certified compostable hot melt adhesive. This innovative solution enabled our adhesive to be recognized in an industry publication,  VIA ReSolve, that showcases sustainable packaging components.  

Created by U.S. packaging manufacturer Haney, the VIA ReSolve program guides manufacturers in the development of environmental packaging solutions.  Get in the know on how VIA ReSolve can help address your sustainability goals, and how our innovative, recognized adhesive makes it easy.

How VIA ReSolve Helps You Achieve Sustainable Packaging

Many companies have recently committed to achieving sustainable packaging by 2025. Achieving this goal may be difficult for a few reasons:

  • Time and resource limitations: Packaging manufacturers looking to become fully sustainable will need to dedicate extensive research to meet their goal before 2025. This may include product testing, implementing new equipment and other factors that require time and increased production costs.
  • Changes in production materials: Creating 100% sustainable packaging requires all components to be sustainable. This may require implementing new materials into your production process, creating downtime. Recycled materials can also be difficult to bond to, which can impact the packaging’s performance. This quality issue may make manufacturers less likely to implement sustainable materials.

Fortunately, programs like VIA ReSolve help you address these challenges by featuring sustainable solutions and taking out the guess work for you. Since Thermogrip 43298 is part of VIA ReSolve, you can easily implement our product into your materials to meet your sustainability goals.

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Achieve Your Sustainability Goals with Thermogrip 43298

Thermogrip 43298 is the first-ever BPI-certified compostable hot melt adhesive on the market.  The product’s properties offer several benefits:

  • Wide service temperature range: The product can be used with temperatures ranging from 0° to 180° F (-17.7° to 82° C), allowing for increased process flexibility.
  • Material compatibility: Thermogrip 43298 offers excellent adhesion to compostable plastics and fibers, so your performance and quality needs will be met.
  • System flexibility: This product is ideal for melt-on-demand systems. However, it can also be used for other systems, making it easy to integrate into your production process.

These properties will help you easily integrate Thermogrip 43298 into your package production lines. Further, this product makes it possible to create 100% compostable packaging. To achieve 100% compostability and receive BPI certification, all components of a package must be compostable. Thermogrip 43298 fills the need for a compostable packaging adhesive, enabling you create BPI-certified packaging as well.

VIA ReSolve has recognized Thermogrip 43298 for its excellent bonding capabilities and its help in creating compostable packaging solutions. This one-of-a-kind product can innovate your packaging without compromising on performance, making it a clear candidate for VIA ReSolve’s environmental product showcase.

 Thermogrip 43298 is a great solution to help you meet your sustainability goals. With the help of VIA ReSolve, you can find more components to bring environmentally-friendly packaging to life. Click here to learn more about the VIA ReSolve program,  or contact a Bostik representative to learn more about achieving sustainable packaging.

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