November 23, 2015 - Flexible Packaging

Why VITEL® Copolyester Resins are the Right Choice

At Bostik, our adhesives and lamination innovations set the pace for the rest of the industry. We’ve been producing VITEL copolyester resins for our global customers for more than half a century.

Today, we have manufacturing sites in the U.S., Europe and China with dedicated reactor trains for our high molecular weight colypester resins. Our high-performance, sustainable solutions are uniquely designed to improve your product’s performance, operational efficiencies and bottom line.

Superior Quality. Excellent Versatility.

VITEL resins are linear, saturated copolyester resins used as laminating adhesives, primers, heat seal coatings and ink binders. They are extremely versatile, offering a good balance of properties when blended or used alone. Bostik’s expertise in standard and unique polyester monomers enables us to customize many specialty copolyesters. We can design our resins to be amorphous and highly soluble in standard solvents such as MEK and ethyl acetate or semi-crystalline products with limited solubility and geared toward extrusion with exceptional heat and chemical resistance.

Industry Knowledge. Application Expertise.

Graphic Arts: Due to exceptional clarity and better solubility, VITEL resins are used as primers on films to enhance printability without affecting the graphics quality. Our resins are used for inks to provide binder and adhesion promoter capabilities for more difficult-to-print surfaces. They can also be used as overcoats to protect the print surface from chemical attack and marring.

Food and Medical Packaging: Many VITEL resins are designed to meet FDA compositional compliance for direct and indirect food contact. We offer Vitel resins specifically designed as heat seal coatings for lidding in high heat applications such as dual ovenable products, including frozen dinners and overwraps. VITEL resins’  exceptional metal adhesion, high extensibility and chemical resistance allow these polymers to be used on two-piece can surfaces to protect food. In medical applications, the amorphous, high Tg materals are used as a primer or heat seal coating on film and foil in applications such as blister packages.


Electronics:  VITEL resins’ chemical resistance and high electrical resistivity make them ideal for laminating flexible circuitry where caustic etching of copper is required without delamination. They’re also excellent for laminating flat cable and cable wrap.

Industrial:  VITEL resins’ superior chemical resistance means they excel at lamination of packages where aggressive chemical resistance is of high importance. They can also be used to laminate substrates for outdoor applications where long-term weatherability is required, such as sailcloth and window filament applications.

Film adhesion for Extrudable Resins, Coating Resins, Laminating Resins and Modifying Resins include:

  • PET
  • Vinyl Adhesion (PVC, PVF)
  • Metal Adhesion (Aluminum, Copper, SS)
  • Olefin Adhesion (Treated <38 dynes)

For more information about VITEL, please call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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