November 23, 2020 - Flexible Packaging

On-Demand Education Series: Heat Seal Solutions With Bostik Vitels®

As many companies work toward a circular economy model, packaging manufacturers are being challenged to ensure their products can meet functionality requirements while also being recyclable or compostable. As a result, there is an increasing demand for highly recyclable tray structures, like PET. However, changes to tray structures often requires a change in lidding films and sealants too.

Fortunately, Bostik’s Vitel heat seal resins are excellent at adhering to PET. They also offer added benefits like high clarity, strong adhesion to polar materials and they enable more recyclability by eliminating the need for PE or EVA lamination on PET trays. Watch this virtual demo video from PACK EXPO Connects to learn more about Vitel heat seal resins and how they can help you meet your sustainability goals.

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