Importance of Water-Based Adhesive Technology

More manufacturers are discovering the advantages of water-based adhesives for their processes. Let’s take a closer look at water-based adhesive technology, its qualities and certain applications.

What is Water-Based Adhesive Technology?

Water–based adhesive technology is an environmentally friendly adhesive formulation. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means water-based adhesives are not harmful to people or the environment.

Water-based adhesives form a bond between two substrates once the water within the formulation evaporates or gets absorbed into the substrate, leaving the adhesive behind. This process makes them a popular choice for bonding porous substrates.

Water-Based Adhesive Qualities and Applications

Adhesives manufactured using water-based adhesive technology are highly versatile materials capable of adhesion to many substrates. This type of technology often has the following qualities:

  • Good heat resistance
  • High tack
  • Good water resistance

As a result, water-based adhesive technology works well for packaging and tape and labeling applications in particular.

water-based adhesive

  • Water-Based Adhesives for Bottle Labeling

Water-based adhesives for bottle labeling applications offer fast set speed, which is needed for efficient production lines. They also have water and ice resistance, enabling them to perform well on cold, wet glass bottles.

  • Water-Based Adhesives for Tapes

Water-based pressure sensitive adhesives offer high levels of tack and a flexible open time. As pressure sensitive adhesives, they work well for tape applications such as films, masking, removable applications and high performance.

For more information on water-based adhesives and their applications, contact a Bostik representative at 800-7-BOSTIK.

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