September 12, 2016 - Tape & Label

How Bostik’s Water-Based Adhesives Benefit Customers

In recent blogs, we’ve discussed Bostik’s line of specialty Aquagrip water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives. We’ve looked at what these adhesives are and their benefits as well as application considerations to make.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how these adhesives benefit customers:

  1. Each product specifically meets customers’ end-use.

Bostik carefully selects the raw material needed and can include additive package and formulation into our water-based adhesives in certain cases. This ensures the product is best suited for an application method and customers’ end-use.

Bostik also has the capability to create water-based adhesives with higher solids content, which helps yield optimal performance. Typical pressure sensitive adhesives target solids around 50 to 55%, but Bostik has some products that are as high as 62%. This is beneficial because it means less of the product evaporates.

Additionally, Bostik’s water-based adhesives can be used neat or blended with other materials to achieve the customer’s end-use properties. Neat means that Bostik makes it “as is”, and blended refers to compatibility with other polymers and additives that can change the performance properties to meet the customers’ needs.


  1. Bostik’s water-based adhesives are environmentally stable.

Our water-based adhesives have UV, humidity and discoloration resistance. This aspect refers to a specific application for protective film masking, i.e., protective film for cars and other items that may be transported outside. The water-based adhesives also offer a controlled build of adhesion over time. Controlled build means the adhesives will not become more permanent and will remain removable for customers.

  1. These adhesives can be used in a range of applications.

Bostik’s water-based adhesives can be used in various applications, which offer customers a great deal of versatility. These applications include:

  • Removable
  • Resealable
  • General Purpose Permanent
  • Clear Label

165. RCAs

Specific Water-Based Adhesive Products

Certain Bostik water-based adhesive products include:

JB722: This water-based adhesive product offers superior clarity, aggressive peel and tack and good water resistance. JB722 also has good adhesion to polypropylene and HDPE and works well for removable applications.

JB018: This product provides a repositionable seal with little diminishment in seal strength (provided that there is no contamination of the pressure sensitive adhesive). It also offers a smooth, quiet and magnetic-like peel and can be used for direct food contact applications.

JB753B: This general purpose water-based adhesive product is formulated to provide a good balance of tack, peel and shear resistance. It is coater-ready for roll coaters and slot die coaters and has good clarity and UV resistance.

For more information on Bostik’s water-based adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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