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Web Adhesives in Textile Applications, What to Consider

According to Grand View Research, the global textile market has been experiencing high growth over the past decade. As a result, manufacturers are looking at ways to make textiles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the ways they can do this is by using web adhesives. Web adhesives are hot melt adhesives that have been formed into a web-like, nonwoven material that handles like fabric.

Let’s take a closer look at web adhesive applications, benefits and certain considerations to make when choosing a web.

Web Adhesive Applications in Textiles

Instead of sewing two pieces of material together, web adhesives offer a faster, more consistent approach to bonding for the following applications:

  • Upholstery and fabrics
  • Apparel
  • Towels
  • Footwear
  • Bedding
  • Patch and repair

web adhesives

Web Adhesive Benefits in Textile Applications

One of the most versatile types of adhesives on the market, web adhesive benefits for textile applications include:

  • Improved flexibility over other adhesive options
  • Resistance to repeated dry cleanings and home launderings
  • Uniform adhesive application and consistent coverage on a range substrates
  • Ability to add color pigments
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Can be customized to be any size or shape, fitting the contours of customer applications

Web adhesives also help manufacturing processes in the following ways:

  • Increased productivity
  • Operational cost savings
  • Simplified processes

For more detail on these benefits, check out our infographic.

web adhesives

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Web Adhesive

Bostik manufactures polyester, polyamide and polyurethane web adhesives for the textile market.

All three chemistries enable the adhesive to be distributed more evenly across a substrate, providing a lightweight yet consistent and durable bond. However, considerations should be made before deciding which web adhesive chemistry to use on your application:

  • Substrate Compatibility

Substrate compatibility corresponds to the web’s ability to adhere to a substrate. Polyester webs are typically more compatible with polyester-based fabrics. Likewise, polyamide webs are most likely able to bond better to nylon. Polyurethane webs have the ability to bond to a wide variety of textile, urethane foams and films, vinyl and synthetic rubber.

156. Automotive Adhesives

  • Heat Resistance

Considering the application’s temperature requirements is important in determining which type of adhesive to choose. For example, if the application is going to see higher temperatures, it’s recommended to pick a web adhesive that also has a higher heat resistance and will not melt.

In general, polyester webs have a wider temperature range (85°C-180°C) than polyamide webs (125°C-150°C). Also, polyurethane webs can have a heat resistance of up to 150°C.

It’s important to consider that each substrate has a temperature limit. If the substrate in particular requires a high temperature resistance in application or assembly, then the chosen web adhesive has to match it in order to hold the bond.

  • Thickness (Coat Weight)

Web adhesives are nonwoven, porous materials that can vary in thickness. This aspect can impact the adhesive’s desired performance.

For example, when bonding to a thick substrate, or heavier fabric, using a greater coat weight is recommended. This is because web adhesives with a greater coat weight become stiffer. Web ahesive stiffness is needed to ensure a proper bond to thicker substrates. On the other hand, a thinner substrate, such as lace or spandex, requires a thin coat weight, enabling the web adhesive to maintain flexibility.

It’s important to consider the amount of web adhesive needed for a given application. If the thickness is too great, flexibility (stretchiness) will be lost. Likewise, a thinner/lighter web adhesive is better for thinner/lighter fabric; otherwise, the adhesive will ooze out.

For more information on Bostik’s web adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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