May 17, 2017 - Assembly

How Web (Fusible Textile) Adhesives Aid in Clothing Textile Lamination

Valued at $225 billion, the U.S. apparel market is seeing strong growth, especially as innovative textiles are being developed. For example, some of these materials reflect consumers’ increasing preference toward sustainability. These include clothing textile that:

  • Reduces chemical and water usage
  • Reduces cotton garment waste
  • Requires less energy in the fiber-making process

Textile lamination is one method in particular used to create these improved fabrics. Composed of two or more layers bonded closely together with an adhesive, laminated textiles can offer benefits such as breathability and durability for a variety of apparel types.

In order to make these clothing types possible, it’s important to ensure the right adhesive is chosen that can keep up with the industry’s innovations.

Web adhesives are one smart option for clothing textile lamination. These are hot melt adhesives that are formed into a web-like material that handles like fabric.

textile lamination

Take a closer look at the benefits web adhesives offer for clothing textile lamination.

  1. Ease of Use

Web adhesives are easy to use during the manufacturing process. They handle like fabric and cover large areas with a continuous bond, which boosts production efficiency.

This also helps minimize waste, improving the quality of production while aiding in sustainability.

  1. Breathability

Web adhesives don’t impact the bend and feel of the textile when applied with a lower coat weight. As a result, they offer a breathable bond, which aids in textile applications. Additionally, they are lightweight while still offering sufficient bond strength.

  1. Uniform Coat Weight

Web adhesives for clothing textile lamination offer a uniform coat weight. This enhances the quality of clothing due to the following reasons:

  • Less process regulation: Web adhesives already come in the needed coat weight for the entire application. As a result, manufacturers don’t have to monitor the adhesive use needed in production. The correct amount of adhesive for the clothing material becomes a given each time.
  • Consistent application: Web adhesives offer a consistent application for clothing textile lamination. This ensures the textile doesn’t experience thinner or thicker adhesive spots in the material, which could impact its look and feel.
  1. Durability

Web adhesives for clothing textile lamination offer good wear and wash resistance due to their temperature and chemical resistance capability. This helps hold the integrity of the clothing together.

For more information on using web adhesives in clothing textile lamination, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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